The CHERRY TIME™ season has officially come to an end.

Thank you for all the juicy Cherry Time™ support throughout the season, the online store will reopen in November 2018.

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Story time

Over 120 years ago, the Du Toit family settled in the Western Cape’s fertile Koue Bokkeveld region. From the beginning, we realised that many hands make light work and that success is sweeter when shared. That’s why our story is also the story of our dedicated farmworkers. Today, our family – and by “family” we also mean our valued workers – produces some of the country’s finest cherries. Together, we work the land on numerous farms in the Western Cape.

We always were and always will be picky about our produce. When we realised that the Koue Bokkeveld’s long, freezing-cold winters are perfect for growing cherries, we spent years searching for just the right cultivar. Finally, we found the one. The plumpest, juiciest of the bunch – Cherry Time™.

Cherry-picked for the best quality

Our cherry pickers put their heart and soul into cultivate the perfect cherries. They tend to the orchards all year round; preparing for the happy day when the season’s first red cherries appear.

When the time is ripe, our cherry pickers rise with the sun to carefully pick and choose the sweetest, juiciest cherries. They work meticulously, but fast, to pack, cool and deliver the harvest as soon as possible. So that, when you bite into a Cherry Time™ cherry, it’s as good as straight from the tree.

Our people are just as important as our produce

It is only through the hard work and commitment of our cherry pickers that we can bring you the very best cherries. That’s why we share the fruits of our labours with them and their children. By plowing a portion of our profits back into various community projects we help them grow their futures. Find us online to read more about our social development programmes.

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