2020 – Newsletter 2

This year the blooming of cherry flowers have been as magical as ever, weaving a spell for a bountiful harvest. Our passion and perfectly timed dance with nature ensure that only the best cherries reach your hands during the short, sweet season – which is here at last! 

While the world has been turned upside down, it’s comforting that nature keeps operating by her own clock and calendar. This year’s happy bees and good weather, paired with new and young orchards coming into bearing, have resulted in a bumper crop of beautiful, bright cherries. 

The journey of our cherries from the farm to your table is made possible by our very special team members. They are the ones who walk the land, lovingly tend the orchards, prune the trees, and pluck the ripe cherries, just for you. Don’t miss the fruits of their labour of love this season! 

One of nature’s most alluring whole foods, the cherry is a complete package of flavour, charm and amazing health benefits. Did you know that these ruby-red treasures are lower GI than most other fruit, and can help fight diseases, reduce inflammation, help your body recover from exercise, and assist with sleep? As if you needed another reason to tuck into a freshly plucked cherry…

How much do you love cherries? Tell us why they’re your favourite and you could win one of 10 vouchers for a 2kg punnet of plump beauties delivered right to your door. To enter, follow Cherry Time on Instagram @sweet_cherrytime and leave a comment under the post about our shop opening. Tag a friend for an extra entry! (Prize valid for Western Cape only.) 

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