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Our shop is now open! 

This year the blooming of cherry blossoms has been as magical as ever, weaving a spell for a bountiful harvest. Our passion and perfectly timed dance with nature ensure that only the best cherries reach your hands during the short, sweet season – which is here at last!

The shop will open today at 10:00

Cherries embody that festive feeling and signal the start of the holidays. They’re the ultimate indulgence and their super-short season makes them extremely sought after. 

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The family

Over 120 years ago, the du Toit family settled in the Western Cape’s fertile Koue Bokkeveld region. From the beginning, we realised that many hands make light work and that success is sweeter when shared.

That’s why our story is also the story of our dedicated farmworkers. Together, we work the land on numerous farms in the Western Cape.

Our Farm to Table Tale

Once upon a time, a tiny flower bloomed on an ancient cherry tree. Days went by; cycles of the moon waxing in the sky, and our little blossom met a bee. The bee pollinated the flower and slowly its petals dropped off. A small red gem appeared and grew and grew into a big, plump cherry. At sunrise, our farmer picked the fruit and added it to his juicy loot. He sent it to the packing house, to be washed, sorted and boxed.

Our merry cherry then made its way from our farm to your table to make your day.

The One

We always were and always will be picky about our produce. When we realised that the Koue Bokkeveld’s long, freezing-cold winters are perfect for growing cherries, we spent years searching for just the right cultivar. Finally, we found the one. The plumpest, juiciest of the bunch – Cherry Time™.

Cape Town

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Pick up location Fourways Farmers Market
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