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Welcome to the start of the season 

Spring has arrived at last, her gentle embrace promising bright new beginnings and a bountiful harvest of cherries this season. Your chance to stock up on fresh, locally grown cherries will arrive at the end of October. Be sure to watch our social channels where we will announce when the online store goes live @Sweetcherrytime

From our farm to your table

Cherries embody that festive feeling and signal the start of the holidays. They’re the ultimate indulgence and their super-short season makes them extremely sought after. 


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The family

Over 120 years ago, the Du Toit family settled in the Western Cape’s fertile Koue Bokkeveld region. From the beginning, we realised that many hands make light work and that success is sweeter when shared.

That’s why our story is also the story of our dedicated farmworkers. Together, we work the land on numerous farms in the Western Cape.

The recipe

Our cherry pickers put their heart and soul into cultivating the perfect cherries. They tend to the orchards all year round; preparing for the happy day when the season’s first red cherries appear.

When the time is ripe, they rise with the sun to carefully pick and choose the sweetest, juiciest cherries. They work meticulously, but fast, to pack, cool and deliver the harvest as soon as possible. So that, when you bite into a Cherry Time™ cherry, it’s as good as straight from the tree.

The One

We always were and always will be picky about our produce. When we realised that the Koue Bokkeveld’s long, freezing-cold winters are perfect for growing cherries, we spent years searching for just the right cultivar. Finally, we found the one. The plumpest, juiciest of the bunch – Cherry Time™.

We deliver directly to your door in the following areas:

Tuesday: Paarl & Franshhoek
Wednesday: Cape Town & Surrounds
Thursday: Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Strand

Orders can only be placed through
the online store.

Cherry Time Product Enquiries

Annalize Nel / Runei Kotze
annalizen@dutoit.com / runeik@dutoit.com
Tel: (023) 312 1071

Delivery & Pick Up Questions
Aramex: (021) 887 8160